The Kintore College Academic Committee aims to foster female leaders in the University of Toronto who recognize the importance of the whole human person.


The Committee reinvigorates interest in the humanities at the undergraduate level, fostering intellectual, spiritual and social development. In doing so, the Committee empowers creative and intellectually courageous young women to serve society.


The overall objective of these sessions is to broaden our 

critical thinking skills by examining profound philosophical questions which can help us navigate the challenges of 

everyday life.

This series will focus on what the human individual is and 

the universal nature we have as human beings through the 

lens of literature.


We offer a one-on-one mentorship program where students are matched with a mentor in their professional field of interest.

We provide workshops that introduce skills relevant to any profession. We will offer 4 workshops this year.


This program provides the opportunity to learn more about 

the Catholic faith in an informal setting and the chance to meet others with a shared interested in personal spiritual 


This course explores Catholic teachings, virtue, and history through great lives.


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