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History of Kintore

Look to the stars, or Respice Stellam in Latin, is Kintore's motto and reminds us to aim high, to dare to dream. This phrase echoes the story of Kintore College. 

A figment of our imagination in 2003, it blossomed into a 4-storey building embedded in an upscale, modern 16-storey condominium in the heart of downtown Toronto. A dream, almost 10 years in the making, pushed forward through hard work, prayers and faith. Working in close collaboration with Yann Weymouth, an architect of Paris’ Louvre Museum, the idea became a reality brick by brick.  Each detail of the building was carefully crafted with the idea of you, the future residents, in mind.


In October 2012, we were proud to open its doors to students, like you, who also dare to look to the stars. In this home away from home, you too can chase your dreams. ​

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