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WEEKdays (Women Encouraging Excellence and Knowledge) 

WEEKdays Study Essentials

WEEKdays Study Essentials is an after school program for high school girls eager to succeed.

Students learn practical step-by-step study skills, including how to organize, take notes, manage time, and prepare for tests. We teach students the tools needed to focus, establish discipline, think critically, and become independent learners to prepare them for lifelong learning, in and out of school. Sessions are given by university students.

Study Essentials is spearheaded by our wonderful volunteer Genevieve L'Abbe. 

Join us every Wednesday from 4:00 - 4:30pm via Zoom

To volunteer or to register, email Maria at weekdays@kintorecollege.ca.

2020 - 2021 Topics

  • Study Habits

  • Goal Setting

  • Healthy Ways to Engage with Social Media

  • Essay Writing Tips

  • Time Management

  • Self Confidence

  • Being a Friend to Yourself

  • Managing Stress/Anxiety

  • Staying Motivated

  • Utilizing all Your Resources

  • How to Do Research Efficiently and Reliably

  • Resume/Cover Letter Writing

  • How to Find a Job 

  • Exploring Personalities

  • Friendships (Part I)

  • Friendships (Part II)

  • Finding the right Post secondary Option for You

  • Value of Feedback

  • Group Work

  • Money Talk

  • Reliable Sources

  • What's Your Passion?

  • Travelling

  • Note Taking

  • Exam Prep

  • Making the Most of Your Summer

Genevieve L'Abbe (BA)

Spring Break Seminar Series Edition 

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