STRIDE Leadership Program 

UNIV Inspire 

The UNIV Inspire workshop is an experience that is authentically human. It’s an international encounter in Rome, geared towards young women seeking new perspectives on life, faith, and meaningful work. Participants from dozens of countries have the opportunity to explore, reflect, and discover together, convinced that each person is uniquely gifted and called to be a catalyst of transformation, renewing the world from within.

2020-21 Theme: Seeking a Solid Foundation in a Liquid Society

In our society of constant changes, dominated by instantaneous and fluctuating channels of communication, ideas flow continuously, at the mercy of the current trend, and slide away without a trace. Nothing seems stable or permanent. Nothing, not even significant interpersonal relationships, seems deserving of commitment or dedication. It is a soft, gaseous, timid way of thinking that does not venture—because it does not dare—to achieve a common truth that lies beyond the reach of empirical sciences.

Faced with the temptation of cynicism or disillusionment, nothing is more necessary or invigorating than daring to think, to trust in the human capacity to arrive at those answers that allow us to navigate a liquid society with confidence…and to discover the solid ground that we need to build bridges with others and to undertake the changes that our contemporary world

In a digital environment—replete with massive consumption of useful (and sometimes useless) information, with unnecessary distractions, and with (perhaps addicting) searches for sensorial stimulation—we cannot give up on the big questions, dedicating time and effort to answering them. This is the moment to accept the challenge of being a reflective person, constructively
critical, a lover of the truth and the beauty that open us to the world and to other people.

How to take part:

1. Register before March 1

2. Join the team and get inspired (as of March 1): Contact the international work group that has been assigned to you based on the challenge and the language you have chosen. You can be inspired by consulting the resources that will be available on the web.


3. Participate in the webinars (March 20): Participate online in the training webinars on your topic, accessing them from the links that will be provided from Glocal Hack 2021

4. Glocal Hack 1st session (March 27): Learn to design a solution to the chosen problem / challenge, adapted to make it a reality in your environment.


5. Shape your project (March 28 and March 29): Work online with your team, facilitators, and mentors to shape the project you started designing on March 27


6. Present your project (March 30): The presentation of solutions, proposals and exchange of experiences